You Don’t Need To Know Now

: “Hey, what’s wrong, dear?” : “There’s just a lot of things going on in my mind and heart right now..”           Oftentimes, we find ourselves in situations that are too complicated, too hard for us to understand. This leaves us with a lot of questions in mind, making us wrestle… Continue reading You Don’t Need To Know Now


Puso, Hindi Siya Para Sayo.

— A reblogged post from JOENASANDIEGO — Hindi ko alam kung bakit paulit-ulit. Bakit paulit-ulit mong hinihiling ‘to? Puso, hindi siya para sayo. Hindi para sayo ang lugar na ‘to. Hindi para sayo ang pagyaman na gusto mo. Hindi para sayo ang sakit na paulit-ulit mong inaayawan pero paulit-ulit mo ring binabalikan. Tama na. Hindi siya para… Continue reading Puso, Hindi Siya Para Sayo.